Fire Within

$10.00 - $35.00

Fire Within is inspired by the creativity of the imagination. An eye with a fire inside burns brightly to illuminate the world, simultaneously destroying what it burns. The two sides to the creative process, trial and error, failure and success! Flowery petals radiate outwards just like the imagination, reaching, dreaming....

5x7 prints are full bleed (no border), 11x14 prints have a border

I originally created this image by hand carving a block of linoleum (Linocut). This eco-friendly archival serigraph was made by adapting the artwork to a high mesh screen and using the screen printing method.

Each serigraph is printed by hand, one at a time, on recycled paper with water-based ink.

Blended color serigraphs have natural variations during the printing process, the colors will blend differently every time making each serigraph unique! The serigraph you receive may not have exactly the same colors as pictured here.